From The National Memo comes the indispensable investigation of the Donald Trump phenomenon - and the shocking truth about why we should have seen this coming.

WARNING: Surprised when Trump won the Presidency? Here's why we should have seen it coming.

While many view Trump’s transition from B-list reality star to partisan demagogue as emblematic of our worst excesses, this new e-book reveals how pop culture predicted his rise long ago.

Years and even decades ahead of political pundits, artists and entertainers told us -- in TV shows, horror movies, satirical books, and comics mirroring the man himself -- that a vulgar authoritarian would seek to rule us someday.

Today’s atmosphere of violence, hatred, and prejudice is perfectly suited to boost the candidacy of the man loudly fanning the flames. Yes, pop culture began to sound the alarm long ago; now it's up to us to listen -- and act.

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- Roger Ailes, Fox News

"We'll remember two things about the 2016 election: that the nation narrowly dodged a bullet, and that it's shocking we never saw it coming."

"Were it not for this book highlighting esteemed publications like Mad Magazine, my fears of a nation torn asunder by a madman may have been realized. This is the face of the Republican party? MY Republican party?"

- Abraham Lincoln

"This book on my ex-husband says everything I can't due to a botched facelift."

- Ivana Trump

"I manhandbled a lot of people to get to the front of the line when this book was first released."

- Corey Lewandowski

"This is the finest how-to manual for hair maintenance and combing techniques I've yet seen released this year."

- Rush Limbaugh

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